Things to do in Bologna, Italy

By 23 August 2023

About Bologna

Bologna is a gorgeous city in the north east of Italy. It's known for its red buildings and amazing food.

Climb the Asinelli tower


Nearly 1000 years old and with a distinct lean, the Asinelli Tower is the tallest of Bologna's famous towers.



The Emilia Romagna region of Italy, where you'll find Bologna, is famous for its amazing food. Parmesan cheese, tortellini and mortadella are all from the area around Bologna. 

See the Fountain of Neptune


An icon of Bologna dating back to 1566, the fountain depicts the god Neptune, with four angels placed at his feet.

See Bologna's secret canals


Take a look through the little window on Via Piella to see the last remaining parts of Bologna's old canal network. 

Explore the porticoes


Bologna's porticoes stretch for over 35 miles across the city and are a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Palm Leaf

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