Editorial policy

Thanks for visiting the editorial policy for Helen on her Holidays. This page describes what goes on behind the scenes and how I create content for this site.

Purpose and mission

At Helen on her Holidays, my mission is to help people have better holidays (vacations if you’re in the USA!). I work full time so I know just how precious those annual leave days are. I aim to offer helpful, trustworthy and inspiring content that helps readers plan their next adventure with confidence.

Content creation and integrity

Content on helenonherholidays.com is created based on my own experiences, occasionally with some additional personal experiences from other travel bloggers. These are always clearly marked. Photos are almost always taken by me, although I occasionally use stock photography – usually when the weather didn’t cooperate during my visit to the location!

In all my content on Helen on her Holidays I try to be as helpful as possible. Topics are chosen based on relevance, reader interest, and our my travel experiences. My favourite blog posts to write are when I’ve done an activity or visited somewhere and I wasn’t able to find much information about it on the internet beforehand. I love to write the article that I would have found useful when planning my trip, bringing together all the information that a visitor needs to get the most out of their stay.

Each article undergoes a thorough research process, incorporating up-to-date information and personal insights to provide the most value to readers. I use multiple authoritative sources and do lots of on the ground research to make sure that my content is accurate and can be relied upon.

Editorial independence

I maintain full editorial independence in all my content. While I occasionally go on press trips, everything I write is my own opinion and my content is not influenced by either sponsors or advertisers. Where I’ve worked with a partner such as a tourist board or travel company, this is clearly marked in the content near the top of the page. I don’t accept advertorials or payment for links.

Corrections policy

I am committed to accuracy and do thorough fact-checking as well as hands-on research for everything I publish. If you find an mistake, please let me know by filling in the form on my contact page. I’d be happy to correct it promptly.

Comments and feedback

I welcome and value reader feedback and comments. To maintain a respectful and positive community, all comments will be reviewed before posting. I reserve the right to moderate, edit, or remove comments that are offensive, discriminatory, or otherwise inappropriate.

If you have any questions or feedback about this editorial policy, please contact me.

You can also read my privacy policy and disclosure policy.